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Sound Baths – Ryde, east Cowes AND SEAVIEW Isle of wight!!

Mystical Soul Sanctuary 


             Come and Immerse yourself in                    a transformative guided                                  journey of sound healing and                               spiritual rejuvenation.

Experience Deep Healing

Join Mystical Soul Sanctuary for an hour or two of deep relaxation and healing in groups.

We now hold regular sound baths at different locations on Isle of Wight including Apply Tower (summer months) and Haylands Farm in Ryde, Mad Aid Lot East Cowes, Masonic hall, Seaview.

Each session is unique to the group and each sound is guided to be played,

Laura and Rosie fully trust their team are guiding and supporting them every step of the way.

They play a variety of instruments to bring peace, love and healing with all those that they work with.

Please bring your Yoga mat, blankets, pillows, eye masks anything that makes you warm and comfortable throughout the sound bath.


Benefits of sound healing at Sound Bath

  • Clears, Cleanse and balances the chakras

  • Assist in the accension process

  • Anxiety and stress reduction

  • Pain reduction

  • Balance

  • Body relaxation

  • Increased creativity

  • Feeling more happy, uplifted and light

  • Insomnia and sleep patterns

  • More energy

  • May sharpen hearing

  • Help with blood pressure, diabetes

  • Give you more focus

  • Change your internal vibration so you are resonating your authentic

    for you to gain more of what you resonate with and lose what you don’t resonate with

  • Boost your immune system

All our benefits are from previous case studies where the clients have benefited from treatment sessions each session is different each client can feel different helps heal the body mind and soul from within. Suara Sound Academy have recently has research study done which has helped many people on their healing journey







UpComing Sound Baths Isle of wight

Sound Bath Seaview



Join us first Tuesday every month in Seaview with Rosie and Laura for a profound sound bath experience that harmonizes your mind, body, and soul.

Sound Baths In Ryde

Join us at Haylands farm last sunday of the month

Winter months we will be in lovely hall and in the summer we are able to play in the forest (weather permitted)

we will experience the power of the ancient sacred sounds to help  balance your energy and promote holistic well-being.

Sound baths In East Cowes

Join us each month for a profound sound bath experience that harmonizes your mind, body, and soul.




Sound baths At Apply Tower Ryde Beach Isle Of Wight


Join us in August for morning, afternoon or evening sound bath experience that harmonizes your mind, body, and soul.

Places are Limited pre-booking is essential.


Experience the power of the sounds in your own personal space and group of friends and family,the sessions can be done in comfort of your own home or venue on the Isle of Wight, or online.

Do you have friends and family that would love a sound bath together?

sound bath can help to balance your energy and promote holistic well-being individually or as group.

We can come to you or we could arrange a venue at extra cost

Group bookings 2- 15 people per session

Prices start from

£111 2 Hours – online or in – person Isle of Wight

£155 2 Hours – We provide venue Isle of Wight



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Experience the healing power of Sound Baths with Rosie or Laura.

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