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Sound Baths – Ryde, east Cowes AND SEAVIEW Isle of wight!!

Mystical Soul Sanctuary 


What is crystal healing?

Each session starts with a consultation to see how the client feels and what crystals the therapist will use over the session, they may advise some to help the clients on a daily basis. Each session is held on zoom, but will soon be offered in person when our new shop opens Crystal healing is a complementary, natural, holistic approach to healing the body, mind and soul through energy.

The session is unique to the individual. The practitioner will tailor the session to what the client needs at that specific time. The crystals will be placed on and around the body for those in person, For those online the practitioner will use what crystals are needed and send energy through crystals to client all we ask is make sure your comfortable and have drink of water, each session can vary between 30-45mins.

Sessions can be online and soon in person.

The Benefits 

  • Unblock , balance the chakras
  • Direct the energy to where is needed in the body
  • It can be used alongside other medicine
  • Helps on emotional and spiritual level
  • Relaxation
  • Enhances your spiritual awareness

    This service will also be available in-person as soon as the Sanctuary is open.