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Sound Baths – Ryde, east Cowes AND SEAVIEW Isle of wight!!

Mystical Soul Sanctuary 


Combining Reiki & Crystal Healing

Reiki Crystal healing is a combination of Reiki and Crystals together

The practitioner will use what Crystal(s) the client needs alongside hands on [or for online clients – distant healing Reiki energy symbol] healing using life force energy.

The benefits 

  • Stress,
  • Anxiety,
  • Induces deep relaxation,
  • Arrests bleeding,
  • Lowers blood pressure/Heart rate,
  • Reduces swelling,
  • Promotes healing of burns /abrasions,
  • Restores balance/harmony on all levels: physical, mental &emotional,
  • Provides a boost to the body’s immune system,
  • Provides effective Homeostasis,
  • Improves the memory & clarity of thought,
  • Helps to maintain optimum health/ well-being,
  • Non-intrusive (client remains fully clothed throughout treatment) The energy is boundless without limit

    This service is now available at Landguard Manor and will soon be available as soon Mystical Soul Sanctuary is open.