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Mystical Soul Sanctuary 


Personal Empowerment Sessions

Our Personal Empowerment Healing Sessions have been created and designed to help move you forwards from a low vibration to one of hope, allowing you to feel truly happy within yourself and your life.

Do You Feel?






Not sure what’s holding you back from your desires?

Our Personal Empowerment Healing Sessions have been created and designed to help move you forwards from a low vibration to one of hope, allowing you to feel truly happy within yourself and your life.


Imagine completing your Personal Empowerment and feeling:

  • Full of clarity for your journey
  • Connected to your higher self 
  • Ready to move forwards 
  • Certainty for your life
  • Excited for your future

Laura and Rosie work together and on their own with their team of guides to help clients to feel the peace they deserve, they help you to reconnect to your soul, your heart and mind. Whilst surrounded by the love and light of spirit, healing will take place on many levels through the vibration of voice and tone along with Reiki to allow healing for your soul.

Our Personal Empowerment Healing sessions will uplift you and take you on a journey of healing for your mind, body, soul, and spirit, thereby enabling you to develop a sense of self-balance and equilibrium, tuning in to emotional and physical pain and raising your transitional vibration.

The beginning of the session will teach you to connect to your own soul and energy. You will be introduced to your higher self and start to explore your inner child. You will be harnessed and surrounded in love and receive specific guidance to support you on your healing journey. Any stored negative emotions and pain will be identified and you will start to feel huge relief.

During the next part of the healing session, you will experience the removal of stagnant energy within the body. Everyone is different and can hold negative energy in different places, so you will be taught to tune in and release low vibrations through different techniques to lift your vibration and to gain lightness and peace within.

The final part of the session will focus on healing and processing. This means that processes within the body will be soothed and balanced using Reiki, sound energy and other magical healing energies. 



Think about:

  • That ‘thing’ you have been wanting to manifest
  • Your biggest dream
  • Changing your life for the better
  • Huge self-development and transformation
  • Letting go of the past and feeling hope for your future

    Our session involves using a variety of healing techniques to aid and assist in the resolution of any presenting problem or issue.

    No two sessions are the same although the same principles apply for all.

    It will involve vibrational healing alongside guided meditation.

    Physical movement and the flow of Chi is then encouraged.

    With time to rest, rebalance and process to the end. 

    This can be a very profound experience!

 Why can we help you?

We love to connect to our team to help others get to the root course of their issues. We use a variety of mindfulness and healing techniques that we have tried and tested on ourselves to help us live a happier healthier lifestyle. We love using what we learnt by putting a variety of techniques together to suit the client.

You will walk away from the Personal Empowerment Healing Session feeling:

Calm and peaceful

Relieved and supported whilst ready to focus on you

Happier and more relaxed

Clearer on how you can move forward with your life

Love for yourself and your journey

If your ready for change and ready to take on board what helps you feel better. Then this is for you!

We work as one together and individually with one to ones, two to one or in two groups.

If feeling the call to work with us book now below


 Can’t Decide if were right for you book a free discovery call now!

During your call we will tune in (with spirit) to understand how we can transform your life. As part of the session we will explore your individual needs and propose a bespoke programme to support you to move forwards. Some clients may just need one session whilst others may need more depending on the situation, everyone is unique. 

We are excited to meet you and to see who steps forward to work with us!