Amethyst 1



The purple amethyst comes in a range of different shades, dark to light and it can benefit the immune system, digestive systems, skin health as well as being used for low mood and grief. It helps to regulate hormones bringing serenity, peace and calmness to the body. This is the crystal of power and wisdom. Amethyst magnifies the energy, it is good for overall protection, physically, emotionally and mentally till balance resumes.  It relieves home sickness, it helps negotiation skills and decision making in business, brings success, helps with coping with responsibility and change, public speaking and is useful for purification.  It is good for hearing, hormone regulation, insomnia, bad posture, arthritis and for the health of the moon circulation.  It helps with drunkenness and addictions, especially alcoholism and helps with obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD and with anger and violence.  It helps calm nerves, helps with tension, emotional energy, self-esteem, meditation and spirit contact.  It connects with the third eye chakra.

Additional information

Weight15 g
Dimensions20 × 3 × 44 mm