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Soul readings with Laura and Rosie

Together we join with our team to connect to your past present and future.

We connect to your higher self to give loving messages to help guide you in the right direction

Laura and Rosie tune in, connect to their soul energies together with their higherselves  will then connect to the client’s soul and higher self to see what the client needs to help them move forward with love and hope and freedom.

Laura and Rosie work together with their guides and the clients guides to help the clients get the peace they deserve it allows us to help you to make the connection to your soul, your heart and mind. Whilst surrounded by the love and light of spirit, healing will take place on many levels through the vibration of voice and tone allowing us the client´s and our Spirit guides to help you heal your soul.

Soul Reading can be booked with both Rosie and Laura together or you can work with us separately

Available Sessions

30 min sessions
Online and in person sessions