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Sound Baths Ryde and east Cowes Isle of wight!!

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   Sound Healing with Tuning Forks,Chimes,Gongs & Percussion


Come and immerse yourself in a beautiful session with ancient sacred sounds with Rosie and Laura 

We love working with others, playing sound baths in groups and one to one.

We use a variety of instruments including tuning forks, chimes, gongs, rattles and our voice.

The different frequencies we use in tuning forks and chimes are sourced from Suara Sounds Academy, some are standard frequencies and others are channeled, the Cleanse Balance System, the Sacred Solfeggio, the Chakra Cosmic Frequencies, the Healing Sanctuary, the Divine Goddess and the Atlantis Tones. Some are weighted and some are not and they all help with different situations. The Gongs we sourced from the Grotto Sonora in italy.

Each session is tailored to the needs of the individual according to their pre-assessment.

No session will be the same and is unique to each and every individual.

Every person will have a different experience, each session resonating with how the client feels at that specific time. We use a variety of sounds, during the sessions and at the beginning of the session we ask you to complete an assessment form to see what you, the client, needs that day.

Sound healing is energy healing with sound vibration using different frequencies and different instruments. It is where you take time to listen to the sounds and allow the sacred ancient sound vibrations to heal your mind, body, soul and spirit, bringing your body back to the resonance it should be experiencing.

Whether you are feeling ok or under the weather with physical symptoms, the sounds can help everyone as they promote good health and well being, helping you feel relaxed and peaceful.

Laura and Rosie both love and adore working with sounds on themselves and others, they started there sound journey in 2022, Laura started in February then in August they both went to learn about the forks, chimes, drums and many more instruments, they have done four different sound courses with the sounds for both animals and humans, they both love learning anything new to do with sound and frequency, they will continue to learn anything new about the ancient sacred sounds. Rosie wasn’t keen at first till she had session with Laura she loved it and booked the course they are now both qualified sound ambassadors with the beautiful Debbi Walker from Suara Sound Academy they advise anyone that’s not tried the sounds to experience a session once as it can be so hard to explain the feelings you feel during and after a session every session is different and unique.

Benefits of sound healing  

  • Clears, Cleanse and balances the chakras

  • Assist in the accension process

  • Anxiety and stress reduction

  • Pain reduction

  • Balance

  • Body relaxation

  • Increased creativity

  • Feeling more happy, uplifted and light

  • Insomnia and sleep patterns

  • More energy

  • May sharpen hearing

  • Help with blood pressure, diabetes

  • Give you more focus

  • Change your internal vibration so you are resonating your authentic for you to gain more of what you resonate with and loose what you don’t resonate with

  • Boost your immune system

All our benefits are from previous case studies where the clients have benefited from treatment sessions each session is different each client can feel different helps heal the body mind and soul from within







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