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Spiritual Readings with Laura

Laura connects to her spiritual team to bring messages of love, joy and comfort through from loved ones from the spiritual realm.

Laura has natural gift that connects to spirit, she sees, hears, senses and knows when spirit are around, for many years she was told she had the gift to connect with spirit and to be healer. she didn’t believe she had the gift till she lost her friend in 2018 she heard her friend tell her she wasn’t coming back it was so clear, from that day she continued to grow, learn and connect to spirit. Laura loves connecting to spirit to help other

Legal Disclaimer – All readings provided are for entertainment purposes only.  You must be 18 years or older to use this service and all guidance is subject to your own personal interpretation.  This type of reading does not constitute professional advice or medical, legal, or financial guidance.  Click here for further information 

This service is now available in-person at Landguard Manor