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Mystical Soul Sanctuary 


Swedish Body Massage

IWhy not indulge yourself for an hour or two!
Destress and relax on all levels where the focus is you and your needs
Take some time for you

Your own specific blend of essential oils compliments this treatment just for you

This treatment will be available as soon as our Sanctuary is open, or get in touch for a come visit!

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Massage is a manipulation of the soft tissues of the body by use of the hands. Full body massage can treat a wide range of emotional and physical health problems and is a very popular treatment for relaxation as it produces effects on the muscular, vascular and nervous system.

Swedish massage is one of the most commonly used types. It consists of stroking, kneading, warming up and rolling the skin and muscles to create physiological effects on the body.

A massage can make you feel good in all different ways. It helps the whole body, muscles and bones, it relaxes and refreshes muscles that are tight from stress, it increases blood circulation within the lymphatic symptom which can heal and work better.  It helps endorphins to be released, natural chemicals in your body to make you feel happier and more positive. 

    Massage encourages more blood flow, this way oxygen and nutrients move more freely around the body, this enables waste products and toxins and excess water to be released from the body flow, allowing oxygen to run more freely around the body.

    We will be offering full body treatments or just massages to suit individual needs, including full body, back, Sciatica, legs and Indian Head Massage (head, shoulders and neck).

      Full Body 

      Back Massage 

      Sciatica Massage